Introducing… D-Man!

Who am I?

DSC_0049 - Version 2I am a full-time project manager and estimator for a civil construction company. I take small, medium and large-scale infrastructure projects from inception to completion mostly within the category of road construction. I am currently working towards a bachelor degree in construction management at a local tech institution and I previously graduated with a bachelor of arts majoring in political science and political policy analysis. I know it seems like an odd mix, political theory and construction, but I regularly find myself incorporating skills I acquired from my undergrad into my day to day at my construction firm.

What’s the purpose of my corner of the blog?

DSC_0294One of my favourite hobbies is functional woodworking. By functional I mean I’m not into making ornate pieces like inlayed jewelry displays, or musical boxes. My style incorporates a more practical approach. My wife and I look for ways to make our home more efficient and it often results in me taking on woodworking projects to realize our vision. By all accounts I am a novice, but I have acquired practical knowledge and skills from my profession over the years. I have a small wood shop that is conveniently located in my parent’s garage where I tackle most of the projects. This blog will also focus on how I learned to be an urban handyman and various ways that other urban handymen and women can be prepared to take on simple tasks at home.

274I’m also a devoted husband to an amazing wife (and I’m not just saying that ’cause she runs this blog) and I want to share my experiences and advice on how a man can successfully navigate a long term relationship while still maintaining his individuality.


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