I have a beautiful baby boy.

I love him… and I also love routine and control. HAHA. Recipe for disaster, right? We’re trying to find our perfectly imperfect balance. My guess, it’ll be a work in progress for years to come…



The Conversation the Changed my Pregnancy: Or, how I became a badass big bellied rockstar of a pregnant woman

Whose Body is This?: And when will it feel like mine again?

For the Struggling Mom: You are perfect

The Miracle of Life: The love-hate relationship with my body

Unsolicited Advice for My Pregnant Friends: Even if you don’t want to hear it, here it is.

A Rough Week: And the milky grin that keeps me going.

Packing Your Hospital Bag: How I Perfectly packed my hospital BAGS (because one wasn’t enough).

My Baby is 129 Days Old: I think. I really have no idea how old my baby is.

Why the Negativity?: Be positive with new moms. Please.

You’re the Best Mom: No one is better than you.

I’ll Never Poop Alone Again: Or do anything by myself for that matter.

My Natural Delivery: C-section and epidural included.

My Failed Brelfie: In no way similar to My Fair Lady.

My First Attack While Breastfeeding: Flies against boobs.

Our Newborn: The Joe Pesce lookalike.