I have a dog named JoJo!


We rescued her from Big & Small Rescue in January 2015. She was picked up as a stray in California and taken to a high-kill shelter where they have 4 days to get adopted. If they’re not picked up in that time, they’re put down. JoJo was 2 hours away from being killed when she was brought out of the shelter by Big and Small. I try not to think about that, because it makes me sad and I only want to be positive with my gal!

She’s some kind of German Shepherd mix. She was SUPER shy and not very confident when we got her. But she’s always been a complete sweetheart! She’s getting more confident every day and we’re slowly and carefully working to grow her into a calm, confident and happy dog.

Rescuing is a lot of work, but my goodness is it ever rewarding.


JoJo in the Spotlight: JoJo’s rescue story featured on Vancity Buzz

Gal goes glam: JoJo’s first portrait session

Rescuing a dog: My 8 tips to rescuing


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